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While it seems to be very basic, the movie industry and us, the audience, have different preferences and, more importantly, definitions of when a movie is actually “out.” The day a relatively big movie has its cinema release, piracy almost instantly becomes a factor. People are willing to take a risk and pay for a pirated copy so they can immediately watch the movie at home. The crucial time, therefore, is the gap between the cinema release and the home release.

Back in the day, you would have to pay $10 for a bootleg VHS, and just hope the picture and audio quality was at least watchable and audible. And while you no longer have to pay upfront for piracy, many of us have spent time trying to get invitations to private torrent sites, learning the difference between an Oscar screener DVD and a Telesync, or dodging credit card hungry spam sites claiming to have the latest movie as a free stream.

“Piracy is quick to fill the gap for a lot of people.”

While it might sound like a cliché, it’s pretty simple. Because we love movies. And patience is a hard virtue when the time between a movie’s cinema release and its home release is pretty lengthy. Piracy is quick to fill the gap for a lot of people.


This is where, “Where You Watch,” comes in. The site is not here as an advocate for piracy, but we’re not here, either, to ignore the fact that a lot of people would rather see a dark, muddy picture with hissing audio, rather than go to the cinema.

“Hence you are able to at least know if it’s worth Googling awesome new the rock movie +torrent

Where You Watch, now means you are able to, at least, know if it’s worth Googling, “Awesome new the rock movie +torrent magnet,” and what you’re likely going to get. If Where You Watch hasn’t sent you an alert about a legit copy, filling out a survey which claims to have the latest rock movie – as long as you provide them with your credit card number – is likely to be a bad idea.

We do not advocate for piracy, illegal downloads or streams. We don’t tell you how torrents work. And we’re not going to link to a free movie stream. But you can decide whether or not you want to receive an email when the movie is out officially or unofficially, if the quality is all right, or if you think it’s worth waiting for a retail, BluRay copy.

Just as with our sister site, “Has it Leaked,” which tracks music album releases, “Where You Watch,” is a community effort. It is my hope that you will help me bring this service to the masses, so we can all help each other out. So we can focus on watching movies while the movie industry figures out a way to distribute movies that makes sense.

Your admin, Mojib

Author: Mojib

I am the administrator and main editor of Where You Watch. A site which was set to be a sister site to my other community, Has it Leaked, but focusing on films instead of music. I created this and Has it Leaked as a legal alternative to pirate sites, and a place to discuss films. Pirated or not. In the end, I'm just passionate about the web, music and film.

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