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FAQ and guidelines

What is Where You Watch?

  • Subscribe to an upcoming movie to receive an email when it’s out.
  • Either browse upcoming movies on the site, or add your own movies. Members can contribute news and add trailers, screenshots etc to the movie page making sure fellow fans can stay updated on the movie’s progression.
  • Members can report streams or downloads when the movie online is online. When adding these reports you include if it’s a pirated or retail version of the movie, which site you’ve seen it on and the picture and audio quality. If you’re a trusted member of the site – The report gets sent out the members who has subscribed to the movie email alert.


We do not share or host to any movies

We have and never will. We strictly follow the DMCA and make sure to comply.


What types of movies can I add?

Upcoming movies which have yet to be released on an official, retail store such as psychical copies at Amazon or digital copies on iTunes.

For the time being we’re not allowing movies due to be released exclusively outside the US and UK, unless it’s a notable release. This is due to the massive amount of movies our database would have to handle. We’re working on a solution to this.

When submitting a movie it’s now allowed to use other site’s descriptions of the movie. You need to provide your own description.


How do you define picture and audio quality ratings?

See our dedicated page for quality ratings.


How will I get alerted when movie X is out?

Register, go to the movie page and click on “Email alert”. Choose which quality you’re interested in, and click save. Once someone reports the movie as being online, you will receive an email.


Why don’t you include more info on the movie, like actors, cinematographer etc?

Because there’s a lot of sites doing that already and most of them simply grabs the info from iMDB.


Why don’t you allow screenshots from pirated movie files?

Screenshots are copyrighted.


How does the site prevent fake downloads from being reported?

To avoid faulty reports, members trust levels are based on points. You collect points by giving accurate reports, news and movies to the site. The trust levels are then printed in the reports.


What if I only want to be alerted when the movie is out as a hiqh quality copy?

You can pick what types of alerts you want to receive based on a 1-5 quality ranking.


What about when the movie hits the cinema?

There are lots of different sites just simply listing cinema releases. We are not focused on either cinema release dates or physical copy release dates. For now.


Do you support piracy?

No. We do not link to pirated copies, downloads, torrents or streams. You can pick if you want to be alerted on official retail versions of the movie. We do not encourage piracy. But we don’t ignore the fact that movie piracy exist.

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