Who's Stopping Us

Who's Stopping Us

JuancoJuanco   October 01, 2021  
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Who's Stopping Us

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Who's Stopping Us
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Jonás Trueba
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Who prevents it is a call to transform the perception we have about adolescence and youth; that of those who were born at the beginning of the 21st century and have just come of age; those who now seem guilty of everything while seeing their hopes diminished. Between the documentary, the fiction and the pure testimonial record, young adolescents show themselves as they are but as we rarely see them or let us see them: taking advantage of the film camera to show the best of themselves and restore our confidence in the future; from fragility and emotion, with humor, intelligence, convictions and ideas. Because the youth who talk to us about love, friendship, politics or education are not only talking about their own, but about what we always care about, at any age. Who prevents it is a film about us: about what we were, what we are and what we will continue to be.
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