The Trouble with Being Born

The Trouble with Being Born

JuancoJuanco   July 30, 2020  
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The Trouble with Being Born

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The Trouble with Being Born
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Sandra Wollner
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The near future, in Central Europe, perhaps in the vicinity of Vienna. Elli is a 10-year-old android girl. Thanks to programming, he becomes an idyllic figure. He serves a man whom he calls "Daddy" and for whom he lies in the pool that they have in his house located at the entrance of a beautiful forest. Elli is the recipient of her memories, something that does not have any meaning for her, but which represent her past for him. One day they both detect a strange sound and get lost in the darkness of the forest, an opportunity that strangers take advantage of to kidnap Elli. A new identity awaits them: a ghostly existence that human beings take advantage of to project that loss of paradise that childhood implies.
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