The Devil Has A Name

The Devil Has A Name

Mr. MeeseeksMr. Meeseeks   June 05, 2018  
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The Devil Has A Name

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The Devil Has A Name
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A drama about a farmer whose water is poisoned by an oil company. The cast includes David Strathairn, Kate Bosworth, Pablo Schreiber, Haley Joel Osment, Alfred Molina, Katie Aselton, Martin Sheen, Edward James Olmos, Michael Hogan, Sandra Rosko, Sal Lopez, Wiley M. Pickett, Aly Mawji, Melissa Lila Gomez, Katie Lynn McDowell, Janice Sonia Lee, Stacie Greenwell, Jean Carol, William Pierce, Chivonne Michelle, Estefanie Morena, Jeffery Thomas Johnson, Ben Kleiman, Sonya Wallace, Jorge Noa, Vergi Rodriguez, David Astone, and Chaz Ingram.
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