Stranger Fruit

Stranger Fruit

Mr. MeeseeksMr. Meeseeks   April 01, 2018  
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Stranger Fruit

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Stranger Fruit
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Jason Pollock
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April 03, 2018
Ferguson, Missouri, August 2014, eighteen year-old Michael Brown was unarmed when he was shot and murdered by police officer Darren Wilson. His body would lie in the streets for nearly five hours unattended to by medical personnel. The events that would follow will never be forgotten. This tragedy sparked a social movement known as “Black Lives Matter”, and subsequent attacks on protesters from police as well as he mainstream media. The controversy alone could fill hours of footage, but director Jason Pollock shines light on far more upsetting facts. The manipulation of evidence, the degradation of a homocide victim, and the manners in which government works hand-in-hand with news outlets to control the narrative. A reality so disturbing, and so unfathomable, one must experience this harrowing documentary to truly comprehend.
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'Stranger Fruit' Trailer
'Stranger Fruit' Trailer