Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Distant Sky

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Distant Sky

MavoyMavoy   April 23, 2019  
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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Distant Sky

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April 12, 2018
Available for one day only in cinemas wordwide, this concert film of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds was recorded in October 2017 in Copenhagen. It was released online for a limited time on Easter. Cave is surely among world's greatest performers and without watching, I can tell this is a must see for all fans of great music.

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April 23, 2019
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Distant Sky - Live in Copenhagen
Video and audio quality: 4/5 | Source: Official web stream

Submitted by: Mavoy | Trust Rank level: Professional
Format: Torrent | Site: TPB
This is probably as good copy as it gets (it's in 1080p), unless there is a BluRay release.

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