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Dunkirk Hot
by noobstix     August 17, 2017    

Christopher Nolan Says There Was No Green Screen

Between originally planning to shoot his experiential World War II thriller without a script and (probably unknowingly) using prison labor to build some of the sets, Christopher Nolan went all out on “Dunkirk.” As revealed at a press conference in Toronto today, he even avoided the use of green screens.

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“When those boys are out there on those beaches and explosions are going off, they’re going off,” said Nolan while presenting his film at Tiff. “There’s no green screen. They’re in it.” The film was shot on location in France, where the evacuation depicted in his film took place.

“You could make a period perfect CG version [of a ship], but it wouldn’t feel as real,” Nolan added. “We felt that the matchup, the patina »

- Michael Nordine

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