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The feature film debut from Korean director Joseph Kahn, "Bodied", will premiere at the 2017 Tornto International Film Festival. Kahn has made a name for himself in the last few decades as a music video director, working with some of the biggest pop, rock, and hip hop acts in the world. The plot follows a graduate student who sparks controversy when he chooses battle rap as his thesis.

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BODIED [Official Red Band Trailer] - In Theaters November 2
BODIED [Official Red Band Trailer] - In Theaters N...
Bodied Trailer
Bodied Trailer

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YouTube Buys Film Rights

The much anticipated film “Bodied”, has been purchased by YouTube, and will be distributed through their ad-free “YouTube Red” subcription service.

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Eminem and Dr. Dre on Soundtrack

It's no doubt rapper Eminem has had a huge role in producing and promoting the film 'Bodied', but it's now been revealed that Slim Shady will have numerous new songs on the official soundtrack. In addition Dr. Dre has also recorded a few songs that will land on the final track listing.

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