Blazing Samurai

Blazing Samurai

Ramona FlowersRamona Flowers   September 08, 2017  
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Blazing Samurai

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Blazing Samurai
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Chris Bailey and Mark Koetsier
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May 10, 2018
Chris Bailey and Mark Koetsier co-directed the animated film "Blazing Samurai", about a shy dog (Michael Cera) who finds himself in a world entirely inhabited by cats. He meets a fallen from grace samurai (Samuel L. Jackson) who takes him under his wing. It's an intended parody of the popular '74 American western film 'Blazing Saddles'. The voice cast also features Ricky Gervais, George Takei, Mel Brooks, Gabriel Iglesias, Aasif Mandvi, and Djimon Hounsou.
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