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Blade Runner 3 – What was planned for the third movie?

While Blade Runner 2049 was a semi-flop in cinemas, with the dust settling on Blade Runner’s resurrection, thoughts can now turn to the next one. Empire wrote the article below, which discussed a possible third movie. While it’s unlikely, the interviews provided are interesting.


“Ridley and Hampton Fancher, who co-wrote our screenplay, had ideas they have been kicking around for a couple of decades,” says producer Andrew Kosove. Enough material to form “a trilogy” of sequels. Here’s what Empire’s man in the know thinks that could entail.

A Replicant Uprising

What began with Roy Batty’s gang looks set to continue with the one-eyed Freysa (Hiam Abbass) and her revolutionary group taking on humanity with the replicant child as their figurehead.

Return of the Blade Runner Deckard could be coming out of retirement. Fancher told the LA Times that Deckard originally died at the end. With that changed, his mind returned to 1986 when he came up with an idea for Deckard’s next case. “It’s kind of horrifying what happens,” he teased. “Now Deckard lives, that idea is back in my head.”

A comeback for K

Presumably, Gosling’s lonesome replicant ’tec actually ‘retired’, his free will expressed. Still, replicants can always be replicated, with whichever memories the story may require.

So don’t rule out a return.

Deckard’s Dilemma

The existential status of Deckard — Nexus 7 with indefinite lifespan or plain old human? — remains unconfirmed. Even Ford seems to be enjoying the ambiguity, never having counted on “the poetic potential” of not knowing whether he was a replicant or not. Yet, Sylvia Hoeks’ Luv informs Deckard she is taking him “home”. Could she mean the lab where he was created?